Friday, September 11, 2009

Small piece on

While covering BGC Partners' Fifth Annual Charity Day--an event where famous people play the role of "celebrity investment trader" for a good cause-- for Hoboken Progress, I shot a picture of the adorable and newly engaged Ivanka Trump closing a trade over the phone. The pic features her enormous engagment ring, supplied by her fiancee Jared Kushner, and I sold it and a short post to New York magazine's "Daily Intel." You can read the article and see the photo here...and no, I didn't get any pictures of Lady GaGa. Unfortunately, I had to leave before she arrived.

The piece I wrote about the event for Hoboken Progress will appear in the September 18 edition of the paper. You can click here to see a few more pictures I shot of Ivanka Trump.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy...

...for naming Cash Cab the best game show of 2008! The show took place at The historic Orpheum Theatre in LA and aired live on the CW Network last Sunday evening. After a couple of L.A. Times bloggers ripped Cash Cab for its production values and writing and predicted Jeopardy! would win the statue, we pulled out the award, which was sweet indeed. The pic above is our executive producer, Tony, giving the acceptance speech. Below is one of the Orpheum's awesome marquee.

Winning a Daytime Emmy was very exciting, to say the least. A big thank you has to go out to Ben Bailey--the host--who I think really carries the show. Also a thank you to the rest of the staff, every member of which does a fantastic job on the show.

I was also able to get a little press from the win. The blog Hoboken Now, did a small story on me and the same writer of that wrote a short piece about me in The Jersey Journal. And, on its blog, my hometown newspaper, The Intelligencer, ran a blurb about me last week.

Click here for a roundup of cool pics from the evening, here for the video of the Cash Cab team accepting the Emmy and here for a few more pics of our executive producer making the speech.