Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q&A with Lou Dobbs in NJ Monthly

Does Lou Dobbs prefer Jersey rock god Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi? And why does he seem to be softening on amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Find out in the May issue of New Jersey Monthly. At long last, my interview with the one and only Mr. Independent is available on the Web site of New Jersey Monthly and in the May issue, which should be on newsstands very soon.

I hung out in Dobbs's radio studio a couple of months ago and watched him do his syndicated show and then interviewed him for an hour afterward. No matter what you think of his politics, there's no denying he's a smart guy and a great broadcaster.

He was also a very nice guy--in fact, I made him bristle with a couple of my questions that didn't make the cut, including one about the John Deere hat he was wearing that day, but he took it all in stride and remained the consummate pro. Also not making the cut due to a lack of space was this question I posed to Dobbs:

Before leaving office, former Gov. Jon Corzine made N.J. the 14th state to legalize marijuana for medical use. Where do you stand on the issue?
I’ve got no problem at all with prescribing marijuana for a medical purpose to alleviate the pain of any patient. For personal, recreational use—we’ve got millions of lives being devastated in this country by addiction. We should come up with a solution to the current addictions that afflict society and then I’d be delighted to entertain legalizing whatever drug you want to discuss.
Hopefully I'll get to interview him again as he makes decisions on his political future. Also, I took the picture accompanying the piece.