Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interview with New York Times reporter Diana Henriques for HuffPost

Last week, I had a Q&A interview with Diana Henriques of the New York Times published on The Huffington Post. Henriques is a Times veteran and an award-winning writer whose book, The Wizard of Lies, was released last week. The book chronicles the epic Ponzi scheme perpetrated for decades by Bernie Madoff.

The interview mainly focuses on Henriques's experience getting to know Madoff, corresponding with him over the phone and e-mail and meeting with him in-person at a federal prison in North Carolina. Henriques was the first reporter to interview Madoff and the only author who's written a book on Madoff to have his cooperation. We also touched on the state of the SEC pre-Madoff and some of the changes the regulatory body has made in the wake of Madoff's arrest and imprisonment.

She also gave her analysis on just how much Madoff's wife and kids knew about the Ponzi. It's a fascinating interview and Henriques, who really dove deep on this project, provides some marvelous insight that you probably can't get anywhere besides Bernie Madoff. Check it out.