Exclusive Photos: Hoboken Waterfront Walkway Project

Work began on the waterfront area of Hoboken Cove (or Weehawken Cove as many call it) in September 2010, and included the demolition of the few remaining ruins of what used to be the Todd Shipyard. Construction on the waterfront walkway to connect Hoboken and Weehawken began in earnest about a year ago, entailed some minor reshaping of the waterfront geography and is now nearly complete.

Some minor finishing touches, like the installation of exterior lighting, appears to be all that remains to complete the walkway portion of the project. Despite being all but finished, the walkway has still been closed to the general public, save for a few people who occasionally squeeze between the holes in the fencing to get an up-close look with their own eyes (the park benches boast breathtaking views of the midtown Manhattan skyline). If you're not one of those people, view the following pictures to get a sense of how the project is coming along. You can either click on the individual photos to see each one at full size or click here to view a slideshow. When asked when the walkway would open to the public, a few of the construction workers responded, 'In a few weeks.' The city originally anticipated the walkway would open in September -- so if your skeptical that it will be opened anytime soon, see below.

The view looking north into Weehawken from the southernmost point of the new walkway

Sitting on a bench provides a spectacular view of the midtown skyline

Looking at northern Hoboken from less than halfway up on the walkway

A sightseeing spot looking out over Hoboken Cove

The same sightseeing spot as above

Another angle on the same sightseeing spot as above
A fish sculpture adds an appropriate dimension to the atmosphere
The second portion of the walkway that leads into Weehawken

A ramp leading down to a man-made beach along the Hudson River

Another view of the ramp. Rumor has it that this ramp leads to a space that will be a kayak/canoe launching site

Looking north up the walkway into Weehawken

The view from Weehawken looking at the north Hoboken waterfront

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