Monday, May 18, 2009

Report In TV Guide Magazine

Pick up a copy of this week's (the May 18th) issue of TV Guide, turn to page 19 and look for a report on shout-outs by TV writers which I wrote. It's a pretty cool piece about TV writers who've named characters after their friends and family. I talked to/e-mailed with a few cool writers--Shonda Rhimes from Grey's Anatomy, Ryan Koh from The Office, Terence Winter from The Sopranos and others. Everyone was very nice to take a few minutes to share their stories and all gave me interesting anecdotes. Check it out. There's no byline under the piece, but if you turn to page 20 you'll see a "reported by" credit. Also, the piece is only the magazine and not online. So, if you didn't pick up a copy, you can click here to see it and here to see the credit.

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